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Kursus Katekismus dalam bentuk Video dan DVD dari Rm. John Corapi. Ia memiliki acara dan menjadi pengajar tetap di EWTN. DVD Katekismus adalah 56 Jam dan terdiri dari 7 DVD. Sangat dianjurkan untuk setiap Paroki karena seluruh Katekismus, sejarahnya dan ke 2865 entri dibahas secara menditel. Lihat Bio Fr. John Corapi  Penjelasan Rm. Corapi video 1,2 mb klik kanan "Save target as"

In celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Teaching of Jesus Christ series, we are making available the original question and answer sessions, which were an integral part of the original presentation. These episodes were never produced or distributed in any way—until now!
Many of the questions cover controversial issues, some of which are difficult to find straight forward answers to in today’s timid and politically correct atmosphere. Fr. Corapi answers the questions in his usual candid, simple, humorous, and often courageous style.
You won’t want to miss this opportunity to acquire what is surely an invaluable teaching tool, but destined also to become a valuable collector’s item. We are sure you will be educated and inspired by this one of a kind series of the original Questions & Answers of the internationally acclaimed series on the Catechism of the Catholic Church by Father John Corapi.

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